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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Burundi. Please scroll down to view.

The Republic of Burundi is a Central East African nation that currently celebrates 13 national holidays. The president of Burundi reserves the right to declare additional national non-working holidays during the year if necessary. It is very common for the government of Burundi to declare election days as non-working holidays to encourage more people to vote.

Some of the holidays celebrated in Burundi are based on religious beliefs. These religious holidays may change dates each year because they are calculated on the lunar cycle. The government releases an official proclamation at the end of each year declaring what dates these holidays will be celebrated on in the following year. Businesses are required to comply with these dates.

National holidays are regulated under Decree 100-182 published in the National Register on July 27, 2006. This decree overrides any and all previous decrees. In addition to this decree, employer obligations are regulated under the Burundi Labour Code.

The Labour Code requires that all employers provide employees with a day off from work for national holidays. It is assumed that employees are only paid for this day off if it is stated in their work contract. There are no official laws that can be currently conformed if businesses are required to pay. It is believed that all government workers receive pay for national holidays in addition to their day off.

It should be noted that Burundi has experienced a lot of political turmoil for many years. National holidays and regulations surrounding these holidays can be hard to obtain and may change at any time and without notice.

Cultural, Linguistic and Provincial Holidays

Burundi has a very diverse culture, with many groups still living within tribal settings. Many of these cultures have their own holiday celebrations. The government of Burundi recognises that these events occur but does not acknowledge them as national holidays.

Regional, provincial, and linguistic holidays also occur throughout the country of Burundi. The government does not require that businesses acknowledge these celebrations as national events. The government of Burundi does not recognise these events as national or public holidays.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
2 JanMonNew Year Holiday
5 FebSunUnity Day
6 FebMonUnity Day Holiday
6 AprThuPresident Ntaryamira Day
1 MayMonLabour Day
25 MayThuAscension Day
25 JunSunAid-El-Fithr / End of Ramadan
26 JunMonAid-El-Fithr / End of Ramadan
1 JulSatIndependence Day
15 AugTueAssumption Day
1 SepFriAid-El-Hadj / Feast of Sacrifice
13 OctFriPrince Rwagasore Day
21 OctSatPresident Ndadaye Day
1 NovWedAll Saints' Day
25 DecMonChristmas Day