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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Guinea-Bissau. Please scroll down to view.

The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is a small West African country that is located on the Atlantic coast. The name of the capital city, Bissau, was added to the name of the country so that the name was not confused with the two other countries in the area containing the name Guinea. Guinea-Bissau currently celebrates 10 public holidays.

Public holidays in Guinea-Bissau are regulated under sections 68-71 of the Labour Code. These sections provide all employees with non-working days for any nationally declared public holiday. The labour code does not provide employees with a guarantee of pay for public holidays or premium pay for those who need to work on those days. It is assumed that substitute days are given for employees required to work on a holiday.

The government of Guinea-Bissau reserves the right to establish one-time national holidays for any event. Because of the instability of the government, each president has used this power for different reasons. However, it should be noted that there continues to be a lot of instability in this region and non-working days can be declared at any time.

A few of the holidays celebrated in Guinea-Bissau are based on religious beliefs. These celebration dates may change each year because the dates are calculated using the lunar cycle. Muslim holidays that are calculated in this manner use the Umm al-Qura calendar from Saudi Arabia to determine celebration dates.

Religious and Cultural Holidays

Over 50 percent of the population of Guinea-Bissau still adheres to a religious belief system that is associated with the area. Often referred to as Voodoo or Animism, even those who have converted to Muslim or Christian beliefs still participate in these holidays and ceremonies. Many of these are seen as religious holidays. The government of Guinea-Bissau acknowledges that these holidays take place but does not officially recognise any of these events as public holidays.

In addition to these religious based holidays, there are also several celebrations that take place each year throughout the country that are based on cultural beliefs. There are four distinct ethnic groups that live in this country, each with their own belief systems. These celebrations are not viewed by the government as official public holidays.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
20 JanFriHeroes' Day
8 MarWedInternational Women's Day
1 MayMonLabour Day
25 JunSunKorité / End of Ramadan
3 AugThuPidjiguiti Day
1 SepFriTabaski / Feast of Sacrifice
24 SepSunNational Day
14 NovTueReadjustment Movement Day
25 DecMonChristmas Day