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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Libya. Please scroll down to view.

Libya is a North African country that has a long history and diverse culture. At this time, Libya celebrates 11 national holidays. Two of these holidays are multi-day events. These events are usually extended to incorporate the weekend for additional time to celebrate.

A majority of the national holidays in Libya are based on the Muslim faith. Some of these holidays are calculated by using a lunar calendar and the dates will vary each year. It is customary to announce the days of celebration for the following year at the end of December each year.

It should be noted that Muslims in Libya base their lunar calculations on the information provided from the Libyan Centre for Remote Sensing and Space Science. Their calculations often provide holiday dates that are much earlier than other Muslim countries, yet similar to those celebrated in Nigeria.

At this time, Libya does not have a recognised government. There are two separate factions that are claiming governmental control at this time. Because of this, there is not any access to government or labor laws pertaining to Libya’s national holidays. All previous government mandates, laws, and regulations are no longer available or recognised.

Since each of the two governments have continued to release information about the national holidays in Libya, it is assumed that these dates are non-working days. However, it is unknown if employers are obligated to pay for these days off or substitute days off if the employee cannot take the holiday off due to the nature of their work.

Regional, Linguistic, Continental, and Religious Holidays

Libya is one of the largest countries in Africa and has a diverse population. Although considered a Muslim country, there are small groups of people from other religions in Libya. These religions have their own special holidays celebrated by their members.

There are also many people in Libya that still belong to tribes and live in specific regions, speak a specific language or dialect, or practice a religion based on African beliefs. Each of these groups of people has their own beliefs and holiday celebrations. Neither of the two government parties that currently claim authority recognise any of these holidays or events as national holidays.

Public Holidays 2017

17 FebFriRevolution Day
19 MarSunCommermoration of the Victory over Kadhafi
1 MayMonMay Day
25 JunSunEid al-Fitr / End of Ramadan
26 JunMonEid al-Fitr Holiday
27 JunTueEid al-Fitr Holiday
31 AugThuArafat Day
1 SepFriEid al-Adha / Feast of Sacrifice
2 SepSatEid al-Adha Holiday
3 SepSunEid al-Adha Holiday
16 SepSatMartyrs' Day
21 SepThuIslamic New Year / Muharram
23 OctMonLiberation Day
30 NovThuThe Prophet's Birthday
24 DecSunIndependence Day